Turning Earth E10 - now open for makers!

Turning Earth E10

Turning Earth E10 is a new centre for ceramics that opened in the Lee Valley on 1st March 2017, in the 8,500 sq ft top floor of an old hardware factory.

The centre includes a large open plan open-access membership studio, which streams with natural light from a traditional saw toothed roof. This enables part-time makers and serious hobbyists to make work together in a community environment, with the benefit of shared facilities. The space also includes a classroom for ceramics courses for those new to the craft, where up to 13 courses a week will be taught by professional artists.

In an adjoining studio, a cohort of 30 career makers are part of the first full-time ceramics incubator in London. 

Here's a video we made about In Production:



Our story

Turning Earth E10 is born from the mass appeal of our first centre in Hoxton, which opened in 2013 and has helped to redefine the way people approach ceramics in London. The first studio quickly became overly subscribed and we found ourselves with long waiting lists; simply unable to accommodate everyone that wanted to be part of the community. Turning Earth is founded on a commitment to accessibility and inclusiveness, and so the idea that we had suddenly become an exclusive institution didn't appeal to us at all. We decided we had to find a way to open the door again, and started looking for a second venue. After a long, long hunt the perfect place fell into our lap a few months ago.

Taking the plunge to follow your dreams has always been part of our DNA - it's how we got the first place started when no one was doing anything like it in the UK - and it's what we encourage curious people to do when they want to take a leap into being a maker, or when they are ready to give a professional ceramics career a shot. So even though it was a grander space than anything we'd imagined, we knew we just had to say yes. We decided to dive in. Because we know it is the most fulfilling thing we could do with our time, and that it will make many amazing things possible for creative people.

And this is where we hope you will get involved.

Turning Earth is a social enterprise, a kind of organisation that doesn't fit into the usual boxes. It's not a normal business, and so the small margins we make are not very appealing to the banks and other lenders in today's economy. And because we believe in 'art in the black', which means that we think art can pay for itself (and should, where it can), we're not a charity either, and we don't receive grants.

This means we have always been dependent on the motivation of people who are as passionate about hand crafted ceramics as we are to help make things happen with us. Our last studio was opened on the back of a successful crowdfund appeal, and we want to do this again.

Update! We successfully crowdfunded! We opened on 1st March with over 70 members, 15 incubator professionals, and 12 courses sold out! Thanks for everyone who pitched in - you made it happen!


Argall Avenue...where is that?

The new Turning Earth E10 studios are located within an even larger complex of making businesses on the Argall Avenue industrial estate that borders the Lee Valley. We are one of several large making businesses in the building, all doing handcrafts or short-run high-end furniture, metalwork, kitchens, that kind of thing. The building is currently being renovated, with an artisan cafe opening out the front on 1st April to finish it off.

Argall Avenue is on the border between Clapton and Walthamstow, next to the newly opened Lea Bridge station. It's new accessibility via public transport, and its proximity to the vibrant communities of Hackney and Walthamstow have made it appealing turf for new creative enterprises. Together with the other businesses within the new building, we are creating a new community hub, with a beautiful Turning Earth-style garden out the back, delicious coffee out the front, and high quality craft work taking shape in each studio.

It's a 7 minute walk from Lea Bridge Road, which - via Tottenham Hale or Stratford - gets you to Liverpool Street in less than half an hour, or central London in about 20 minutes. (More details here if you are curious.)

Join our community!

We already have an existing community with regular events, markets, learning opportunities, parties and our AGM.  Contacts are made, tools swapped, skills shared and friendships grown, changing careers and life plans every day. We expect that the new centre will continue this trend, and keep expanding our circle of mutually supportive ceramicists and artisan makers.

Have a look around the site and see if it appeals to you. We'll give you regular updates via our blog. Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions at all. The email address to go to is info@turningearthE10.uk. We'd love to have you join us.

With love,

Tallie and Lewis Maughan and the Turning Earth Team.

For more inspiration look at fellow Turning Earth makers work on Instagram: